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Social Uplift Through Rural Action

SUTRA has been active since 1977 in Himachal Pradesh. Their goal is enabling the establishment of gender-just governance and they work on issues of decentralised governance, reproductive health and issues of single women. FAC provides financial aid for the education of underprivileged children belonging to a single woman household. Together with the expertise of SUTRA, FAC screens and analyses the financial background of single women households of children before deciding how and whom to support.


school fee per child are as following (source: SUTRA / as of April 2019)

Class 1 - 5: INR 500 per month or INR 5,000 per academic year (EUR 57 per year*)

Class 6 - 8: INR 700 per month or INR 7,000 per academic year (EUR 79 per year*)

Class 9 - 12: INR 1000 per month or INR 10,000 per academic year (EUR 113 per year*)

(the fee till class 8 includes one warm meal during the day at school)

*depending on conversion rate

In 2019, FAC started supporting 5 children from each category, 15 in total. Each child belonging to a single woman's household.

Since April 2021 FAC added 3 under privileged children to their program and is now supporting 18 children. 

On our field trips to Himachal Pradesh, India, in January 2020 and November 2022, our founder Ankita Makwana met with the children and their mothers at their homes. You may find impressions from the trip on our IG account. Because of privacy reasons we do not publish any pictures of the children or their mothers. Kindly contact us directly in case of any queries.

Your project

If you have a project supporting our cause and would like us to spread the word, kindly contact us with the details.

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